OMNITECH Systems, Caribbean & Latin America (OCLA) is branch of OMNITECH Systems Inc., USA. We are an Organisational Development Consultancy with distinctive strengths in Technology and Organisation Consulting. People, organisational and societal transformation are everyone’s business: from the government, to the boardrooms, to the shop floor. Our motto is, therefore, that “sustainable change can only be delivered successfully when people are at the heart of the process.”

  Latest News
Android based Mobile Applications
OMNITECH Systems is proud to announce that we have developed and delivered two Android based mobile Applications for Bahrain eGovernment Authority for Bahrain Citizens to  "Enquire their Water and Electricity Bill" and to check "Flight information" for Flights from Bahrain Airport in June 2011. Both of these Android based mobile Applications have been well received and appreciated.
Completion of Disaster Recovery Project, Trinidad and Tobago
OMNITECH Systems takes pride in announcing the completion of Disaster Recovery Project for Ministry of Works, Trinidad and Tobago by digitizing and indexing the Licencing files. ...