Strategy Formulation & Implementation: Strategic Planning can no longer be a static, top-down process. The active involvement of people from across the organisation in the planning process is a key to creating a flexible, dynamic environment that reacts quickly to external changes. OMNITECH is a firm advocate of this approach, believing that learning and exploration are the keys to survival. Our approach and methodologies are aimed at engaging all key stakeholders throughout the process, in this way we benefit from the richness of as many resources as possible in defining an organisation’s future.

Business Process Innovation: BPR involves the radical redesign of business procedures so that dramatic performance improvements can be obtained relative to cost, speed, quality and service. We work intimately with our clients to ensure these elements are understood and sufficient benchmarks are baselined to ensure performance can be measured.

Organisation Design & Development : OMNITECH believes that all organisational problems - technological, financial, social and political - have underlining human causes. At the same time, ill-designed and complex organisational structures, systems and processes can also constrain organisational performance and delivery. Our approach is to strengthen the organization institutionally which means a combination of the "outer" design of structural and procedural changes with facilitating the "inner" shifts in people's values, aspirations and behaviours. In this way we prepare the organization to successfully implement its chosen strategies.