OMNITECH Systems, Caribbean & Latin America (OCLA) is branch of OMNITECH Systems Inc., USA. We are an Organisational Development Consultancy with distinctive strengths in Technology and Organisation Consulting. People, organisational and societal transformation are everyone’s business: from the government, to the boardrooms, to the shop floor. Our motto is, therefore, that “sustainable change can only be delivered successfully when people are at the heart of the process.”

Our Company’s Directors and Managers are: Suresh Kalyanaraman (President & CEO), Barry Eligon (Head, Branch Operations), and Ronnie John (Principal Consultant, Management Consulting).

OCLA’s philosophy is to build an effective long-term relationship with the management of each one of our clients, by working together as team members with the goal of helping our clients improve performance, profitability and shareholder value.

In servicing our client’s needs and requirements we can bring a dedicated team that combines the areas of expertise from both companies.

Mission   Vision
To Meet and exceed Customer Satisfaction   Creating an Outstanding value for Customers and other Stakeholders