OMNITECH Systems provide value proposition to the market is providing Local, Reliable, Cost effective, World-class tracking Solutions for assets, people and vehicle. Our main focus will be providing system integration services on diverse platforms and wide range of verticals. The products provide a single-system approach to a variety of automatic monitoring and tracking applications:

RFID solutions we offer are:

  • Conducting RFID site survey on representative examples of exits and assets to determine the optimal placement of    readers
  • Define reader network infrastructure and connection to host system
  • Define necessary software interfaces
  • Conduct business processes and procedures review
  • Implementation

Access Control & Monitoring Systems :

OMNITECH offer products that will secure your offices providing effective restrictions on unauthorized access and the Time and Attendance systems monitor and track employee movements in the most efficient way.

Our products includes:

  • Time and Attendance Systems
  • Access Control Systems
  • Finger Prints Scanners
  • Stand alone Finger Print Devices for Time Attendance
  • Stand alone Finger Print Devices for Access Control
  • Facial Recognition Systems for Access Control

Application Software

  • Web based Time Attendances software or Stand alone applications